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Ambient Horror is your golden ticket for:

  • PRO-QUALITY MUSIC that instantly elevates the experience of your game.

  • ORGANIZED FOLDERS to help you immediately find the exact music you need.

  • A FULL SOUNDTRACK ready to go after downloading.

Tracks inside Ambient Horror will help your game sound like:

  • Resident Evil

  • Dead Space

  • Dead by Daylight

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Silent Hill


❌Concerned with hiring a composer and not receiving this music style, tone, or quality that you're looking for in your game.

❌You don't trust a composer to deliver your expectations for your game.

❌You're concerned that if you use non-exclusive music in your commercial video game, it will appear cheap or lazy to gamers and to your industry peers.

❌It's hard to find high quality music designed for video games to license.

❌You're concerned that if your game doesn't sell well at release, you won't recoup your investment in music.

❌You're not a music expert, so there's no way to ensure that the story of your game will be conveyed well.

❌ You're scared that if you buy licensed video game music, you won’t find every track that you need for your game.

❌ You’re concerned that if a YouTuber or streamer uses a gameplay clip of your game and music is detected, it will be flagged or demonetized by ContentID.

❌ It takes too long to work with and wait on a composer to write custom music (not to mention meetings and revisions). You need to release your game soon.

❌ It takes too long to implement music into your game.

❌ You don’t know how to implement music into your game.

❌ Testing music with gameplay is too time consuming.

❌ You’re concerned that the music tracks won’t loop well.

❌ You don’t know how to choose which music tracks are most fitting for each scene and scenario of your game.



✔️Immediately after purchasing you can quickly download the music and use it directly in your game.

✔️Music is highly curated to represent the top quality in game music, with pro-level mixing, and mastering.

✔️Ambient Horror tracks ensure that the story of your game will be conveyed well through music.

✔️All tracks within Ambient Horror have been cleared for YouTube and streaming to ensure that you’re never bothered with legal or licensing issues. In the rare event that you do encounter a problem, I will personally fix it for you.

✔️Ambient Horror, you can reach out to me directly at to hire for track changes, consulting to help you choose the most fitting tracks for your game, implementing the tracks into your game, gameplay testing, and/or custom music for an additional fee.

Ambient Horror contains 20 original tracks with alternate versions for each track. 

  • 1_Haunting Halls_LOOP - 01:34

    • Haunting Halls_Full

    • Haunting Halls_1st Play

    • Haunting Halls_Loop

    • Haunting Halls_Final Play

  • 2_Veil of Shadows_LOOP - 2:00

    • Veil of Shadows_Full

    • Veil of Shadows_1st Play

    • Veil of Shadows_Loop

    • Veil of Shadows_Final Play

  • 3_Escape the Basement_LOOP - 01:57

    • Escape the Basement_Full

    • Escape the Basement_1st Play

    • Escape the Basement_Loop

    • Escape the Basement_Final Play

    • Escape the Basement_No Percussion

  • 4_Lurking_LOOP - 02:39

    • Lurking_Full

    • Lurking_1st Play

    • Lurking_Loop

    • Lurking_Final Play

    • Lurking_No Percussion

  • 5_Walking Terror_LOOP - 02:12

    • Walking Terror_Full

    • Walking Terror_1st Play

    • Walking Terror_Loop

    • Walking Terror_Final Play

    • Walking Terror_No Percussion

  • 6_The Night Stalkers_LOOP - 02:30

    • The Night Stalkers_Full

    • The Night Stalkers_1st Play

    • The Night Stalkers_Loop

    • The Night Stalkers_Final Play

  • 7_The Smell of Blood_LOOP - 02:33

    • The Smell of Blood_Full

    • The Smell of Blood_1st Play

    • The Smell of Blood_Loop

    • The Smell of Blood_Final Play

    • The Smell of Blood_No Percussion

  • 8_Stranded_LOOP - 03:52

    • Stranded_Full

    • Stranded_1st Play

    • Stranded_Loop

    • Stranded_Final Play

  • 9_Eternal_LOOP - 02:39

    • Eternal_Full

    • Eternal_1st Play

    • Eternal_Loop

    • Eternal_Final Play

  • 10_Haunted Forest_LOOP - 03:53

    • Haunted Forest_Full

    • Haunted Forest_1st Play

    • Haunted Forest_Loop

    • Haunted Forest_Final Play

  • 11_The Road to Hades_LOOP - 04:03

    • The Road to Hades_Full

    • The Road to Hades_1st Play

    • The Road to Hades_Loop

    • The Road to Hades_Final Play

  • 12_The Empty_LOOP - 04:37

    • The Empty_Full

    • The Empty_1st Play

    • The Empty_Loop

    • The Empty_Final Play

  • 13_Welcome to Hell_LOOP - 04:45

    • Welcome to Hell_Full

    • Welcome to Hell_1st Play

    • Welcome to Hell_Loop

    • Welcome to Hell_Final Play

  • 14_The Haunted Orchestra_LOOP - 03:22

    • The Haunted Orchestra_Full

    • The Haunted Orchestra_1st Play

    • The Haunted Orchestra_Loop

    • The Haunted Orchestra_Final Play

  • 15_Your All Alone_LOOP - 03:42

    • Your All Alone_Full

    • Your All Alone_1st Play

    • Your All Alone_Loop

    • Your All Alone_Final Play

  • 16_Shadows in the Woods - 02:43

  • 17_Nightmare Machine - 03:34

  • 18_The Cult - 03:36

  • 19_Creeping Dread - 01:42

  • 20_Mourning Mist - 02:08


  • 20 original high-quality WAV tracks (16-bit / 44.1 kHz)

  • 15  full-track loops

  • 1 hour of music (Full versions Only)

  • Over 3 hours including alternate versions

  • YouTube-Safe music tracks

  • Unlimited Royalty-Free license

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